Glass Geeky Technical Stuff

Some geeky technical stuff, if into that sort of thing.

The glass used to make this pendant is called Borosilicate glass, also known as boro or Pyrex. It’s the same type of glass that is used for kitchen cookware and measuring cups. Think Pyrex measuring cup or the glass pie plate. The color comes from pre-colored glass rods, also boro. But, here’s the interesting thing. The color develops as a result of the medals in the glass, oxygen and propane from my torch, and heat from both the torch and the kiln.  That’s why no two pieces I make will be the exact same! There’s too many variables. That’s not a bad thing when making unique pieces.

After I’m finished crafting the piece, it promptly goes into a kiln. Two things happen at this stage. One is the final color development. Believe me, it’s almost like Christmas when I open the kiln. The other reason for the kiln is so that all thicknesses of the piece can be cooled at the same rate.This is to prevent spontaneous cracking as much as possible. The aim is for me to make a glass art piece that will be both pretty and last as long as possible.