To Go My Own Way, Travel Light



Now more than ever we, as a society, are inundated with drama whether we want it or not and it flies into our faces quicker than a bad fart. World upheaval, someone done someone wrong, crisis here, crisis there, the list goes on forever. And people are hooked. Line, sinker, and the whole Titanic on it.

While it’s true that there will always be drama of some sort, somewhere, at any given time, it’s up to us (yes the one in the mirror) as to how to respond. Or, do we? What if one didn’t respond to the crisis du minute? What if one didn’t give a flying fig? There are times when yes give a fig, but for the most part, it really doesn’t concern us. Drama is both a distraction and an energy drain. A useless waste of energy.

So how does one keep the drama at bay? Here are some ideas:

  • Limit time on Social Media. Set a timer, go on with a purpose, and get out.
  • Be “news” free. Subscribe to trustworthy news feeds.
  • Unplug. Turn off the phone. Get out of the house.
  • Take an inventory of who time is spent with and what is spent during that time. Distance from some people may be needed.
  • Get re-acquainted with your own goals and what you want to accomplish in life. Focus and take actions here.
  • Go out for ice cream.

What have you found to be effective to cut the drama to a minimum? Post in the comments below.


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