Start Each Day New, Leave the Past Behind



This is golden. Seriously. How many times do we compare ourselves to where we were how many years ago? Or even “better”, what someone thought of us?

Here’s some good news: ALL of that is irrelevant. Really.

Our past helped form us into who we are today, but it has no bearing on who we will be tomorrow. I am not the same person today as what I was when I graduated high school, college, or even last year. And I bet, neither are you.

Why? It’s called CHOICE. And we have the freedom to choose who or what we want to be right night now. Once we choose, we move in that direction.

Consider Oprah’s background, who she became, and, where she is today. The difference is light years apart. She is only one example, there are many more.

Today. What’s your choice?

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