Handmade Glass Swizzle Sticks (Set of 4)



Handmade glass swizzle sticks that make stirring a coffee or any beverage a delight. Swizzles can also be used for mixing essential oils or as wands for reading tarot cards. Because the swizzles are hand made, each swizzle is unique in looks and characteristics. Sold as a set of 4 swizzles. Made in Alberta, Canada.



Set of 4 swizzles.

A few info tidbits about the swizzles.

The price is in Canadian dollars. To change the currency to USD, use the “Change Country $” currency drop-down menu to the right of the page.

Swizzles received may not be identical to the ones shown in the pictures.

Because the dimensions indicated under the tab “Additional Information” are for the shipping box, here are the actual dimensions for an individual icicle:

  • Length: approximately 17.8 cm (7 inches)
  • Weight for a set of 4 swizzles: approximately 150 grams

Curious about the glass used to make these swizzles? Check out this page Glass Geeky Technical Stuff

How are the swizzles packaged for shipping?

Swizzles are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and put into a gift box. Up to 5 swizzles can fit into a box. Each box is placed in bubble wrap inside a shipping box. If ordering more than 1 set of swizzles, give me a shout using the Contact Me form to let me know how many sets are being purchased and I will compile them into one order. This will give the most accurate information to calculate shipping charges.

What if I am local, can I do a local pickup?

Yes. However, local pickups must be arranged prior to purchase. Please use the Contact Me form to arrange pickup time and location.

More questions?

For more information, go to  Glass Shop and Shipping Policies




Weight 120 g
Dimensions 178 × 178 × 178 mm


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