Midlife Crisis? or The Start of Something Epic?



One often hears about someone who’s hit “midlife crisis” where life, as they knew it, took a drastic left turn. Or was it right? Anyhow, stories surfaced of how someone left behind a marriage, a family, a job, everything they knew to run off to Tahiti with a steamy 20-something or a finely muscled cabana boy only to find out that what was left behind caught up to them and yet some. Milder midlife crisis stories surface about one using the retirement account to buy that much-desired sports car only to find out that winter driving (here in Canada) with a many horse engine provides results one usually isn’t expecting. Solution: midlife crisis – avoid. Problem solved. Done!! Until….

You find yourself longing for something, an uneasy feeling that has you wondering, looking, almost searching? Anyone have that? Besides me? Here was me at 40-something, while having dinner at a restaurant with my husband, watching the waves of students come and go from the Kung Fu school across the street. As I watched the students come and go like waves on the beach, I looked at my husband and said that I have to go “there”. On the surface “there” was to check out the Kung Fu school, but in reality it was the beginning of a journey of self-discovery.

I never considered this incidence anything remotely close to midlife crisis because, on the whole, life was pretty good. Just something was pulling me in another direction where I’ve never been before. It seemed as if a part of me wanted to come out of the closet and make itself known to the world. Even though I’m feistier than hell, being a martial artist was something that I’ve never even thought of before, so this was a little strange. But yet, I felt that I really needed to go “there.” Off I went to check out out the school and jumped right in with both feet learning this new thing in my life called Kung Fu. In reality, what I did was start on a path that ranged from learning and discovery to “are you kidding me?? Don’t think so!!” The point is (for better or worse), I embarked, got off the dock so-to-speak.

What happened during my 8 year tenure in Kung Fu, and obtaining rank of Sihing, is that I was led to a place where I NEVER dreamed I would go, or do, or become, and get this, where I am now isn’t in Kung Fu. Kung Fu was the stepping stone to where I am now. Yeah I resisted what I was presented with, but what one resists persists so eventually I gave in scared spitless, scared to ever-loving death, but what happened on the other side changed my life forever. (Stay tuned, that’s in the next blog post….)

So, is it midlife crisis? Or, more like a midlife calling to start on a journey of something epic. Okay, if not epic, how about something different? Change things up a little, spice things up. A midlife calling invites one to be curious, be courageous, and be brave enough to do something that causes a stir and (possibly) a shake in the martini of life. Chocolate martini instead of olive with a twist? Try it!! Dare ya!

Think about your life right now. Is there something that’s pulling your hand to go somewhere? It doesn’t mean that the ship is abandoned and everything starts anew, or does it? Is there something that you’d like to try and haven’t had the time or the courage to do it? How about now? Now? Does something give you goosebumps when you think about it? (That’s usually a hint of *ahem* “this way”.) How about taking those horseback riding lessons that you’ve wanted to do ever since you were 6? Or going to that painting class that everyone is raving about? Try a new recipe or new way of making a hot dog? Or maybe it’s to enter that race that makes your palms sweat every time you look at the website? Yeah, THAT one!! As with any journey, road trip or jaunt to get ice cream, one has to start in order to get “there” and often times, starting is the hardest part. Just think of the last vacation you were on or race you were in, getting out the door was the hardest part, but once all the “cats” have been herded, the rest was seemingly easy. So, where are we off to now?

Hey! How about join in the conversation, post in the comments below what “there” is for you? What is calling you to start on the road to something epic? Or even something different?

For those of you who are adventurous enough to try out a new way of having hot dogs, check this out! Pickle Hot Dogs! Yay or nay?


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