Cookies for Breakfast? Perfect to Start the Day



Imagine telling Mom that it was going to be cookies for breakfast. Cookies, not pancakes. I know I would have received stink-eye from hell with an ear ringing or two. Pancakes are fine, cookies are unheard of, ridiculous notion. But hold on a second. What if the cookies aren’t the regular-off-the-shelf, sugar-laced, store bought cookie? What if the cookies are actually healthy? Now there’s a thought!

Now what if that cookie is also gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free? What about vegan? Taste good? Is there such a thing?? Yes!!

My favorite Breakfast Cookie recipe is from Megan Ancheta of Allergy Free Alaska, a site dedicated to gluten-free recipes because of Megan’s own journey of healing autoimmune diseases with food. (Hint: read her story) What I like about Megan’s recipe is that the cookies are easy to make, filled with protein, and that the cookies are big! Team the cookie with a latte and there’s a full meal deal. I’ve made this recipe several times and am very willing to say that it’s a go-to in my house.

What I’ve done here is invite you into my kitchen to go through my steps and substitutions for making Megan’s Protein Packed Monster Breakfast Cookies. By the way, a few of Megan’s recipes are go-to’s in my kitchen. Do take the time and wander around Megan’s website, Allergy Free Alaska, because she’s got some pretty fabulous recipes, such as pie and ice cream. Mmmmm ice cream.

Even though Megan’s Breakfast Cookie recipe is vegan and perfect as it is, I have made a few substitutions that work better for me:

  • 2 eggs instead of flax “egg” (1 TBSP flax meal + 3 TBSP boiling water). Reason: I have chickens, and therefore, eggs.
  • Almond butter instead of Sunflower Seed Spread. Reason: almond butter is in the house (I make my own). I have made these cookies with almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter, and combos of nut butters (except coconut) and all work well.
  • For desired nuts, seeds, raisins. I usually put in either raisins or Gogi berries. Reason: because.

The recipe method is pretty much the same and here’s me in the process of making these fabulous cookies.

First the wet ingredients into the bowl.

Wet Ingredients in Mixing Bowl

Now the dry ingredients. The red thingeys are Gogi berries, taste yummy and are more mild than cranberries. I have used cranberries, and yes they are tasty too. The dark bits are mini dark chocolate chips. Le husband insists on chocolate chips in cookies. I have added cocoa nibs, worked well. But shhh, don’t tell him.

Dry Ingredients Now Added

A nice cookie batter. This batter is stiff so be aware. To spoon out the batter, I use a “squeeze handle” ice cream scoop. These come in various sizes, which is handy for various size cookies. With the pictured scoop I get 12 cookies and a happy husband (he likes larger cookies).

Scooping the Batter into Cookies

Cookies blobs of batter ready to go into the oven! Note the parchment paper! For gluten free baking, parchment paper is your best friend. Trust me on this one. I have used silicone liners for baking and I like it for some recipes, others I prefer the parchment. Hint: parchment can be re-used.

Ready for the Oven

Almost ready! I find that I usually leave the cookies in the oven a couple of minutes longer than what the recipe states. Ovens do vary in cooking times and temperatures so be ready to adjust. I go by the “touch” method of lightly touching the top of the cookie with my finger (no, you won’t burn yourself). If the touched part springs back, cookie is done. If not, leave cookies in for another minute or two longer and check again.

Cookies are Almost Ready

Ta-dah!! Aren’t those gorgeous cookies? Smell divine too! Downside alert: with gluten free cookies, wait until they cool before removing from the pan. Ask me how I know this one.


Oven Fresh Cookies


How about a closer look?

Breakfast Cookie

As a recipe tester, a taste is mandatory.

Mandatory Taste Test

Now LOOK at that cookie. Delicious!!!
One point to note is that, for me, these cookies stick to the parchment paper (as seen in the picture) and I don’t know why. The solution that works like a charm is to pop the cookie sheet into the freezer and let the cookies freeze. Cookies will then gladly leave the parchment paper.

Tasty Breakfast Cookie

What we have now are cookies for breakfast! Oh, these cookies make great road trip companions and also make great trail running buddies too. Now your turn, give these cookies a try and let me know in the comments below what you think as well as any substitutions you have made. Also let Megan know too on her site, she’ll appreciate it.

For the actual recipe, click here. Why don’t I just post the recipe? Because recipe developers spend a lot of time and resources to create a recipe that works and I want them to be acknowledged for their hard work. My role, as a recipe tester, is to bring recipes (as well as recipe bloggers) that I find are amazing to you. As I see it, it’s a win-win-win. Also Megan has a “print recipe” button on her post that works really nice.



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